Maple Seed Capital’s objective is to optimize company performance by investing in people, processes, technology, and service. We provide capital for company owners who seek liquidity, investment for organic growth opportunities, and add-on acquisitions.  We invest personally in every deal and work alongside the management team to enhance company performance. Unlike many private equity firms, we have a long-term investment time horizon that benefits all company stakeholders.

Investment Criteria

  • Companies with consistent EBITDA of $750,000 to $2 million for the past 3 years
  • Experienced management teams with a record of high performance and integrity
  • Established businesses with an enduring competitive advantage and significant market share of a well-defined market or niche
  • Healthcare service providers such as orthopedic supply chain and provider services
  • Specialty chemical companies across the spectrum of adhesives, coatings, agrichemicals, lubricants, and additives
  • Select, specialized companies in other industries that meet our investment criteria
  • Platform companies amenable to add-on acquisitions
  • Generally located within a 120-mile radius of Fort Wayne, Indiana

Maple Seed Capital is open to opportunities that meet these criteria, investing in situations where we can add true value to the company and to our investing partners.

Investments that Don’t Fit Our Investment Strategy

Maple Seed Capital does not invest in startup companies, those involved in venture capital raises or re-start transactions. We do not consider investments where we do not have a majority share in the company. Lastly, Maple Seed Capital is unlikely to invest in businesses located outside our geographic area within the Great Lakes region